The end of elBulli is only the beginning

Ferran Adria interview: The culinary wizard on life after el Bulli
By Harriet Alexander

Ferran Adria, widely credited as being one of the world's finest chefs, tells Harriet Alexander why the end of el Bulli is only the beginning.

For Ferran Adrià, the Spanish chef who delights in turning things on their head, the end is just the beginning.
Having announced in January last year that he would close el Bulli, his famed restaurant near Barcelona which is widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest, last week in Madrid he was talking about its rebirth.

"Throughout the history of el Bulli, there have been many changes in its organisation or philosophy," he told the Madrid Fusion food festival – the same place where 12 months ago he dropped the bombshell of closing the restaurant in July.

"This is another one of those moments. There will be risk, and freedom, and creativity. But there won't be opening hours, or reservations, or routines."
Mr Adrià took to the stage in Madrid to unveil "el Bulli Foundation" - the latest development from the man described by the New York Times as the chef "who would have been the caterer of choice for the Mad Hatter".

Source: UK Telegraph
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el Bulli Foundación es una institución ecológica dedicada a la gastronomía de la mano del chef Ferran Adrià, situada en en Cala Montjoi, Roses, Girona, España.