Blueprint for the elBulliFoundation

The Buildings

There will be an archive building, where visitors can come to see El Bulli's digitally archived history, as well as a state-of-the-art building called the "Ideario," which will be a space for fostering innovative ideas. The actual Ideario is a series of five connected rooms that resemble massive, transparent Hershey's kisses. This creative center is designed to help both those in the gastronomic world but others, like advertising..

The Eco-Neighborhood

The Ideario will function as part of a greater eco-neighborhood (which includes a park, more below) that will be imitating coral life in its design. That's right, coral life. The Ideario will utilize glass photovoltaic cells (for converting solar energy), while the staff will use electric cars to come to work. It will be based out of Cala Montjoi by the El Bulli, which will remain untouched.

The Park

Integral to the eco-neighborhood will be a park (designed by architect Enric Ruiz Geli) aimed to be the most sustainable in the world, and would utilize new technology to ensure zero carbon emissions. Salinity, carbon dioxide, photosynthesis, humidity and geothermal energy will be monitored. The Ideario will absorb hydrogen from the algae in the park.

The elBulliFoundation will kick into gear after elBulli shuts its doors in June 2011. More details will be unveiled in 2012 at the Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Lima, Peru. The eco-neighborhood and park are slated to open in 2014.

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el Bulli Foundación es una institución ecológica dedicada a la gastronomía de la mano del chef Ferran Adrià, situada en en Cala Montjoi, Roses, Girona, España.